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Study-related part-time jobs in Tilburg for (international) students

As a student in the Tilburg region, would you like a part-time job at a renowned company in addition to your studies? And do you want a salary that fits a student job that is related to your field of study? Then register at Talenthouse Tilburg. Registration is completely free for you as a student. The system is simple. You compile your own profile based on your studies, experiences and interests and companies search the database for suitable candidates. If there is a match, you willl receive an e-mail into your personal mailbox.

Create your profile once

At Talenthouse Tilburg you only need to compile your profile once to be brought to the attention of all companies in the region that are affiliated with Talenthouse Tilburg.

Benefits of Talenthouse student part-time job

• Free registration for students.
• Great part-time job and good earnings alongside your studies.
• Leading companies from Tilburg and surroundings
• Putting knowledge into practice.
• Close to the Tilburg region.
• Expand your own network during your studies.
• User-friendly system.

Do you have any questions about Talenthouse Tilburg?

Please contact us. View the contact page for our contact options.


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Talenthouse Tilburg. For study related part-time jobs in the region

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Talenthouse Tilburg

As a city with many students, Tilburg is full of talents. Students with valuable know how due to their studies. With its extensive and intelligent matching platform,Talenthouse Tilburg is the connection between students looking for a study-related side gig and companies in Tilburg with part-time job openings.